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Amtrak paint schemes

Amtrak Phase IV Amtrak phase IV (174 kb)

This paint scheme was introduced in 1993. It features 2 thin red lines above a thick blue line. This paint scheme is now replaced by Phase V.

Amtrak Phase V Amtrak phase V (136 kb)

At the bottom of the locomotives is a red stripe and the top is blue. A new Amtrak logo is used.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe paint schemes

Warbonnet paint scheme Warbonnet (113 kb)

This is the classic Santa Fe color scheme for hauling passenger trains. But as passenger traffic decreased in the 1970's, this color schemes was phased out. But because this colorschemes was one of the most famous, it was re-introduced in 1989 on the "Super Fleet"-locomotives to improce the image.

BNSF Heritage I BNSF Heritage I (84 kb)

Here's the first BNSF livery. Notice how similar the BNSF logo is to the old Santa Fe logo.

Blue and Yellow paint scheme"Blue & yellow" (87 kb)

This blue & yellow color scheme is another of the classic Santa Fe color schemes and was officially retired when Santa Fe and Burlington Northern merged in 1996. But it can still be seen on many locomotives.

Heritage 2 paint scheme BNSF Heritage II (108 kb)

Here's the current livery. Very alike Heritage I, but notice the different logo on the front of the locomotive and the big yellow letters on the side.

BN GreenBurlington Northern color scheme (76 kb)

The merger meant a lot of green locomotives on Santa Fe rails. This characteristic scheme is still one of the most common. Notice the Burlington Northern logo with an "N" inside a "B".

Heritage 3 paint scheme BNSF Heritage III (107 kb)

This paint scheme was introduced in the beginning of 2005. The logo is more streamlinet, written in italic. Normally the letters are in black, but on no. 7695 the letters are yellow as a test, I guess. As far as I know, no. 7695 is the only locomotive with yellow lettering.

BN Executive paint schemeBurlington Northern Executive paint scheme (74 kb)

This paint scheme was used on the EMD SD70MACs Burlington Northern ordered before just the merger with Santa Fe.

CSX paint schemes

A lot of the info below I have found on CSX Photo Archives.
CSX ex-Conrail paint scheme CSX ex-Conrail paint scheme (80 kb)

Perhaps not a true CSX paint scheme, however many locomotives still wear the old Conrail paint scheme. The paint scheme is blue with white logo. The number is in yellow number (NS ex-Conrail uses black letters on a white background). The actual logo is nicknamed "can opener".

CSX blue cab 2 paint scheme CSX blue cab 2 (112 kb)

A variant of the Blue Cab paint scheme, used on GE CW60AC's. Uses yellow lettering instead of blue lettering. 2 lightning bolts on the side shows these locomotives have AC traction.

CSX blue cab paint scheme CSX blue cab / YN2 / Bright Future (112 kb)

Introduced in 1990. Many CSX locomotives still wear this paint scheme. Yellow front and back, blue cab, grey side with blue CSX lettering.

CSX YN3 CSX YN3 (86 kb)

The new CSX paint scheme, introduced in 2002. Dark blue paint with "Dulux Gold" CSX-logo + front and back. YN means Yellow Nose.

FURX paint schemes

FURX paint scheme FURX paint schemes (162 kb)

FURX (First Union Rail) is a leasing company with a fleet of older units like EMD SD40-2's. Many of the locomotives are in their original paint (BN, BNSF, UP etc.) but a few wears FURX own paint scheme in green and silver.

Norfolk Southern paint schemes

NS horsehead NS horsehead (93 kb)

The newest NS paint scheme called "horsehead" because a horsehead is in the logo. Norfolk Southern is in italic. The rest of the paint (beside a few white stripes) is very conservatively black.

Union Pacific paint schemes

UP ex-SP paint Union Pacific ex-Southern Pacific (211 kb)

Union Pacific bought Southern Pacific and Denver & Rio Grande Western in 1996. Many Southern Pacific locomotives are not in duty any more, many have been painted in Union Pacific paint, but some locomotives are still in Southern Pacific paint with a new Union Pacific-number.

UP Wings Union Pacific Wings (84 kb)

The Union Pacific herald with wings decorates the front.

Union Pacific Yellow Union Pacific Armour Yellow (96 kb)

The "standard" Union Pacific paint scheme in yellow with red lettering and dark grey top. The frame has a yellow stripe, until about 2005 this was red, but was changed due to better visibility of yellow.

Union Pacific American Flag Union Pacific American Flag (83 kb)

Since 2001, Union Pacific has been adding a large American flag on the side of the locomotives as a reaction to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. As far as I know, the flag is always combined with the "Wings".

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