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Gent lies in the northern part of Belgium, a little northwest of Bruxelles. We visited Gent for the first time i August 2008. We didn't know much about the city and had kind of expected a city dominated with industri. But we were in for a positive surprise.

I remember the first time we walked around in Gent. We were amazed by all the old buildings and nice squares - it felt like everytime the street curved a little, a new church, tower or small square was revealed to us. I have later found out that Gent is the belgian city with most old houses.


Belfort (149 kb)

Belfort (127 kb)
Vrijdagmarkt, Dulle Griet

On Vrijdagmarkt you'll find the cafe Dulle Griet - it has a very long list of beers (200 kb)

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