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The canton Uri lays in the middle of Switzerland, in the germanspeaking part and is one of the oldest cantons. Uri has a population of only 35.000 people and there are no large cities in Uri. Uri is a gateway to southern Switzerland and Italy, as it has the nordramp of the Gotthard pass. Uri is also where Wilhelm Tell was born.


Flüelen is a small town situated beautifully at Urner See.
Flüelen, Urner See

Flüelen, Urner See (191 kb)
The church in Flüelen

The church in Flüelen (256 kb)

Susten Pass

In June 2010 i drowe over Susten Pass on my way from Spiez to Wassen. The Susten Pass is 2224 m high and I had been looking forward to a magnificent swiss mountain scenery - but instead the pass was covered in heavy fog and a visibility of only a few meters, making the trip quite exhausting.
Sustenpass in heavy fog

Sustenpass in heavy fog (28 kb)
Sustenpass in heavy fog

Sustenpass in heavy fog (105 kb)


From Göshenen you can drive up to Gösheneralp - here there are plenty of opportunies for walking and enjoying the nature. At Göscheneralp there is a lake and a dam. The water is used to make electricity at a power plant at Wassen in the Reuss valley. The surface of the lake is at 1792 m. More info at www.kw-goeschenen.ch.

Göscheneralp (196 kb)

The dam at Göscheneralp (260 kb)

View toward Göschenen and the Reuss valley (260 kb)

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