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Berlin is a very fascinating city. It has a lot of history.


Alexanderplatz lies in the former East Berlin. Alexanderplatz has been redesigned several times, the current Alexanderplatz is from the 1960's.

Alexanderplatz is dominated by Fernsehturm and the Park Inn Hotel (the former Hotel Stadt Berlin). On the square there is a unique world clock.


Alexanderplatz and the Weltzeituhr (156 kb)

Alexanderplatz and the Weltzeituhr (127 kb)



Fernsehturm (83 kb)
Fernsehturm is a 368 m high television tower, built 1965 - 1969. In the sphere is both a viewing platform and a restaurant. From both is a magnificient view of Berlin in clear weather. View from Fernsehturm

View from Fernsehturm (250 kb)
View from Fernsehturm

Park Inn seen from Fernsehturm (275 kb)

Ka De We

Ka De We is short for Kaufhaus Des Westens - Ka De We is famous in Berlin and a kind of must-see. Ka De We

Ka De We - Kaufhaus Des Westens, November 2007 (242 kb)


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche is located on the eastern end of Kurfürstendam. This church is actually 2 churches, and old, built in 1895, and a new, built 1959-1961. The old church was very damaged during the 2. world war and is now a ruin. The new church is built next door, and this unique solution makes it ones of Berlins sights. Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (247 kb)

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche at night (188 kb)

Brandenburger Tor

For many years the Berlin Wall stood just west of Brandenburger Tor. Brandenburger Tor has luckyly been open again for many years. Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor (164 kb)
The quadriga on Brandenburger Tor

The quadriga on Brandenburger Tor (139 kb)

Hackeschen Höfe

Brandenburger Tor

Hackeschen Höfe, November 2007 (218 kb)

Potsdamer Platz

Before the World War 2 Potdamer Platz was one of the most central, busiest and important squares in Berlin. During World War 2 most of the square was destroyed or heavily damagad by bombs. When the Berlin Wall was erected during the Cold War Potsdamer Platz became no mans land. After the fall of the Berlin Wall Potsdamer Platz has been rebuild with high-rise, modern architecture buildings, and the glory of Potsdamer Platz has returned.

More information can be found at Wikipedia - Potsdamer Platz.

Potsdamer Platz

The DB building on Potsdamer Platz (118 kb)
Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz, December 2011 (242 kb)

Other places


Hauptbahnhof, November 2007 (228 kb)

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