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Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the second-largest city in USA. It's a very variated and spreadout city - there is not just one city-center but many - it is several cities, that have grown into one city. It means that the city changes as you travel trough it. And when you travel, you travel by car - Los Angeles has public transport, but because of the distances it's slow. And because Los Angeles is a new city - it has grown from nearly nothing to what it is today in just one century - it is made for car-transport. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Typical street in Hollywood - it isn't as fascinating as it sounds to europeans
Los Angeles is fascinating because it is so big, variated and full of contrast - from the fashionable Beverly Hills to the poor East LA. Still, it is also possible to get to much of it - it dosn't have the same charm as San Francisco, so I didn't stay for more than 2 days. The Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign (18 kb)
Harbor Freeway

Typical american? - a interstate / motorway through the city center. Harbor Freeway.
Capitol Records

Capitol Records (61 kb)
Feeding the beast

Feeding the "beast" at night in LA. Photo: Niels Jensen

Walk of Fame

On Hollywood Blvd. you can see the stars on Walk of Fame - not live but as "stars" in the sidewalk. Most of them are relatively unknown, but there are still many possibilities for "namedropping" (63 kb)
Walk of Fame - Apollo 11

Walk of Fame - Apollo 11 (97 kb)
Santa Monica Beach and Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Beach and Santa Monica Pier (113 kb)
  Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach (88 kb)

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