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Fast facts about Massachusetts

Population: 6,391,000 (13. largest)
Area: 20,279 km2 (45. largest)
Largest city: Boston
Capitol: Boston
Lowest point: 0 (sea level)
Highest point: 1063 m (Mount Greylock)



Boston Downtown

Boston Downtown (71 kb)
Old State House

Old State House / Towne House (101 kb)
Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall (64 kb)

Cheers (63 kb)
I Boston you'll find Cheers, the bar that has become immortal with the tv-series "Cheers". Inside it doesn't look like "Cheers", the bar in the tv-series is pure fiction. But there is a lot of souvenirs inside, so you can get a "Cheers" beer can cooler. Cheers

Harward (105 kb)
Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline (46 kb)
Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline (59 kb)

Massachusetts landscape

Connecticut River

Connecticut River seen from French King Bridge (77 kb)
French King Bridge

French King Bridge (61 kb)
Typical Massachusetts landscape

Typical Massachusetts landscape along highway 2 (63 kb)

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