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Fast facts about Nebraska

Population: 1,661,000 (38. largest)
Area: 199,000 km2 (15. largest)
Largest city: Omaha
Capitol: Lincoln
Lowest point: ?
Highest point: 1653 m


Nebraska is a typical farming state with large fields and big farming machines. Besides farmland there a lot of the original praire left. The first settlers (not the original indians) considered the soil to be unsuitable for farming, because there are virtually no trees in Nebraska. But the soil is actually very fertile.

Nebraska isn't a state with many tourist attractions. But Nebraska offers a landscape with large rolling hills that is quite relaxing and beautiful in its own way.

Overton and one of the characteristic siloes

Overton and one of the characteristic siloes (44 kb)

Irrigation (112 kb)
Oilpumps near Kimball

Oilpumps near Kimball in the western part of Nebraska (73 kb)

Farming (82 kb)

Farming (104 kb)

Nebraska - Wyoming border

NE-WY border

The old Nebraska - Wyoming borderstation, not in use any more (145 kb)
Welcome to Nebraska

Welcome to Nebraska (143 kb)


The small town Cozad is located on the 100th meridian. This meridian is where the dry west meets the humid east.

Cozad (80 kb)

Cozad (106 kb)

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