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Las Vegas lies in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas is world famous for entertainment and gambling - and the city is totally dominated by that. Along the main street, The Strip, you'll find big hotels and casinos with unbeliveble shapes and decoration: there's a copy of the Marcus square in Venice, a copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a copy of the New York Skyline and so on. And the casinos are simply enormous.

Las Vegas is also known for fast weedings - you can get married in Drive In weeding chapels, and you can have your weeding shown live on the Internet.

Nevada have very liberal laws when it comes to gambling - thats the reason why it is possible to have a big city in the desert.

Las Vegas is absolutly worth a visit - it is one of the most entertainment-intensive cities in the world. Even though Las Vegas can become "to much", it is still very impressive to see.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas (51 kb)
Las Vegas

I'm happy the driver of this truck next to my Mustang next to, not on top of my Mustang (68 kb)
Las Vegas

No, it's not New York - it's a copy of New York in Las Vegas. (125 kb)



Luxor (194 kb)

Luxor (231 kb)
Our room at Luxor

Our room at Luxor (178 kb)
Detail from our room at Luxor

Detail from our room at Luxor (130 kb)

The Venetian

The Venetian

The Venetian with Treasure Island in the background (251 kb)
The Venetian

The Venetian (157 kb)

Circus Circus

In 2008 we stayed at Circus Circus. We got the room at a very reasonable price and the room was OK. Circus Circus is located at the northern end of the The Strip so the location is perhaps not the most central. It's not as luxurous as the new, big casinos, but the price is much lower, and we had a nice stay there.
Our room at Circus Circus

Our room at Circus Circus (134 kb)
... and the bathroom

... and the bathroom (138 kb)
The view from our room

The view from our room (120 kb)

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