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Fast facts about South Dakota

Population: 764,309 (46. largest)
Area: 196,500 km2 (16. largest)
Largest city: Sioux Falls
Capitol: Pierre
Lowest point: ?
Highest point: ?

Mt. Rushmore

We haven't seen so much of South Dakota, just Mt. Rushmore which we saw on a daytrip from Gillette, Wyoming. Mt. Rushmore is found in the Black Hills area in southwestern South Dakota. It's a giant sculpture of 4 great american presidents, carved out of the hillside. The 4 presidents are George Washington (17321799), Thomas Jefferson (17431826), Theodore Roosevelt (18581919) and Abraham Lincoln (18091865). Mt. Rushmore

The entrance to Mt. Rushmore (190 kb)
The sculpture is 18 m high and can be seen from a distance, as you enter the area.

More information can be found on wikipedia.

Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore (187 kb)
Mt. Rushmore against the setting sun

Mt. Rushmore against the setting sun (148 kb)
Mt. Rushmore at distance

Mt. Rushmore at distance (114 kb)

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