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My first railfanning trip to Poland was in 2013. Trains in Poland are a mix of new and old, and not dominated by modern Siemens and Traxx locomotives.


Long distance trains

Long distance trains is run by PKP Intercity with traditional loco hauled trains, locos being of class EU/EP07, EP09 and EU44 (normally trains between Berlin and Warszawa).

Local trains

Freight trains


Getting around

Warszawa has a well-functioning public transport system, making it easy to get around - however, some stations in the suburbs have only about 1 train pr. hour. The public transport is run by a number of different companies, but with one ticket system that can be used on both local trains, metro, tram and bus. A day ticket (Bilet Dobowy) at a price of 15 zł (2014) for zone 1 is good value.
More to come....

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