Hector Rail 241.008

Hector Rail 241.008 "Galore" runs through Ørestad with intermodal freight 42704 from Krefeld-Uerdingen. According to the fixed timetable, it should have Gamlarp as destination, but it stopped in Malmö Gbg (arrival 15:11). In the evening train 45050 left Malmö Gbg, replacement for 41010/42710, that didn't ran this day - so 42704 perhaps continued as 45050? The train carried Samskip, Triton, CAI, TAL, Van den Bosch and Heisterkamp containers/swap bodies/trailers/tank containers on D-AAEC Sdgg***, CH-VTGCH Sdggmrss, B-TOUAX Sggmrss wagons, on June 6, 2020, 14:30.

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