Hector Rail 241.010

Hector Rail 241.010 "Yoda" runs through Rødovre with freight 45684 (Parma - Rolvsøy), with TransWaggon wagons, on May 24, 2020, 21:56. It started from the Lanzi Trasporti terminal in Interporto di Parma friday and will arrive in the small terminal in Rolvsøy, Norway, monday morning. From Malmö Gbg the train number was 45686 and in Norway 46594.

I waited quite a long time for this train, that only runs once a week. Often it is an hour or so ahead of schedule, so I was at the station before 20:00. As the sun set at around 21:30, it became darker and darker, and I was about to go home, when the signal shoved "V" - indicating a train via Vigerslev - that would normally be a freight. And I was right....

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