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In this section I will put descriptions of my "rail fanning" trips. The inspiration come from a number of websites, especially Railography, which has given me much inspiration when planning my next tours.

Often my trips are combined "rail fanning trips" and more "normal" holiday and vacation. My descriptions only cover the rail fanning parts.

Hamburg November 2010 A short trip once again to Hamburg, mostly an ordinary vaction - but also with a day of railfanning in Hamburg-Harburg, Buchholz and Spr÷tze. Because it was November, there wasn't very much daylight - it got dark at around 16 o'clock. I did some experimenting with high-ISO photography, but with limited success. Hamburg November 2010
Hamburg / Niedersachsen September 2010 A 3 day trip to Hamburg and Niedersachsen, dedicated to watch trains. I knew from previous trips to the Hamburg area, that rail traffic is intense. And I wasn't disappointed, the Hamburg area indeed is one of the busiest rail spots in Europe, especially for freight trains. Hamburg / Niedersachsen September 2010
Hamburg April 2010 A trip to Hamburg, mostly just normal vacation. But I did manage to spend some time at especially Hamburg-Harburg, but also at Hamburg-Altona, Meckelfeld and Wilhelmsburg. Hamburg April 2010

Descriptions being edited...
Leipzig and Gro▀korbetha March 2011 A 5 day trip to Leipzig with trips to Gro▀korbetha in March 2011 in very nice and warm spring weather. Traction was variated, with relatively many former East German locomotives of class BR 155 and "Ludmillas". Leipzig and Gro▀korbetha marts 2011
Nice and C˘te d'Azur September-October 2010 Basically a "normal" holiday, but I (of course) managed to get time for some train watching, including some italian trains in Ventimiglia. Nice and C˘te d'Azur September-October 2010
Great Britain August 2010 A 10 day trip to Great Britain, basically normal vacation, but also with a some railfanning in Edinburgh, Warrington and London. Great Britain August 2010

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