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Giethoorn (visited 2002 and 2009)

Keukenhof (visited 2009)
Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam (visited 2002 and 2009)

A little bit of The Netherlands - other things


Tulips (126 kb)

More tulips (79 kb)
This story is part of our Europa-tour in 2002. The weather wasn't the best so I didn't take many pictures. The Netherlands is know for flowers, especially tulips - so I start with a couple of pictures of fields with tulips. I have more pictures of tulips in the Keukenhof section - I know that there's more than tulips in the Netherlands, but tulips was on most of my pictures.

Our first day started with a stop in Groningen, after that we drove on the long Afsluitdijk, the dike or barrier dam that protects the dutch people against the sea.


Groningen (66 kb)


One of the many sluices
For many years I had wanted to drive on the Afsluitdijk, but when we were there, the weather wasn't too good, so I was a little disappointed.

After having crossed Afsluitdijk we were in the region called Noord-Holland - here there were many fields with tulips.


Crossing IJsselmeer (73 kb)
From Noord-Holland we crossed IJsselmeer again, this time via Houtribdijk, that goes from Enkhuizen to Lelystad. Our destination was the little town Giethoorn. Luckily the weather became better in the afternoon, so we arrived to Giethoorn in nice weather.
We left Giethoorn about 8-9 pm, and wanted to find a cheap hotel. But this was quite difficult - we tried several hotels/motels, but many of them were totally booked up, and the rest were to expensive. But finally we found Motel de Witte Bergen ( outside of Amsterdam - they had a room for about € 90 including breakfast.

The next morning there was congestion on the motorway even though it was a sunday morning. But after a while the traffic was flowing again. Our route was Keukenhof - Scheweningen (the beach outside Den Haag) - Rotterdam harbour (one of the largest in the world).


Scheweningen (42 kb)

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