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  I am a »railfoamer« and have over the past 20-25 years taken a lot of trainpictures. In 2000 I began publishing some of the pictures on the internet on my homepage. So if you're interested in trains, I guess my pictures would interest you.

All this »railfoaming« requires a lot of travel. Luckily I like to travel. A logical thing would be also to make a travel-section - and so I did. Trains and travelling is the two major subjects on my page. But I have also found place for some pictures of big US-trucks, and I have decided to keep these pictures on my homepage, because this section have many visitors.

If you have comments to my pages, I'll be happy to hear from you.

Recent updates:
December 31, 2014: New pictures and reconstruction of Swiss trains
October 25, 2014: New pictures of Swedish trains
September 27, 2014: New pictures of Polish trains
September 14, 2014: The page with dutch trains are being reconstructed + new pictures added
August 24, 2014: The page with Belgian trains are being reconstructed + new pictures added


big US-trucks

Different other stuff...

...Other stuff (airshow, links, cameras etc.)