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September 15, 2019: New pictures of German trains
September 8, 2019: New pictures of Norwegian trains
February 9, 2019: New pictures of Hungarian trains
June 10, 2018: New pictures of Swedish trains
February 24, 2018: New pictures of Polish trains

Big US-trucks

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I am a »railfoamer« and have over the past 20-25 years taken a lot of trainpictures. In 2000 I began publishing some of the pictures on the internet on my homepage. So if you're interested in trains, I guess my pictures would interest you.

All this »railfoaming« requires a lot of travel. Luckily I like to travel. A logical thing would be also to make a travel-section - and so I did. Trains and travelling is the two major subjects on my page. But I have also found place for some pictures of big US-trucks, and I have decided to keep these pictures on my homepage, because this section have many visitors.

If you have comments to my pages, I'll be happy to hear from you.