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About 200 km east of San Francisco, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, is Yosemite National Park. Here there are mane possibilites of experiencing wild and magnificent nature. Yosemite Valley was carved out of ice during the last ice age, and is a classic example of a valley made by ice.

Yosemite is very popular - April is kind of low season in California, but in Yosemite all hotels and lodges was totally booked. As an alternative there is Curry Village, a village of tents. You rent a tent fully equipped with real beds and lights. It was an experience to sleep in a tent in the mountains in April - the temperature at night is around 0 degrees C (-32 degrees F) - it's a good thing you get a lot of blankets! During the day the temperature is quite pleasant - 15-20 degrees C - which is a good temperature for hiking in the mountains.


Bridalvail Fall

Yosemite - Bridalvail Fall on a rainy morning
Standing by Vernal Fall

Yosemite - here I stand by Vernal Fall
Vernal Fall

Yosemite - Vernal Fall
Nevada Fall

Yosemite - Nevada Fall
Half Dome

Yosemite - Half Dome

Yosemite - one of the big Redwoods. Photo: Niels Jensen

Yosemite. Photo: Niels Jensen (41 kb)
Bear looking for food

A small bear - when it's dark they try to find food in litterboxes. Photo: Niels Jensen
Curry Village

Curry Village. Photo: Niels Jensen

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