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Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF):

BNSF in Arizona - Seligman Sub (110 pictures / 1 video)

BNSF in California - Needles Sub (83 pictures / 4 videos)

BNSF in ChicagoLand and the Midwest (62 pictures)

BNSF in California - Tehachapi (51 pictures / 7 videos)

BNSF in New Mexico (58 pictures)

BNSF in Wyoming (58 pictures)

BNSF in California - Cajon Sub (53 pictures)

BNSF in Montana (26 pictures)

BNSF in Washington & Idaho (20 pictures)

BNSF in Arizona - Gallup Sub (16 pictures)

BNSF in Colorado (11 pictures)

Union Pacific

Union Pacific:

Union Pacific in Nebraska (119 pictures)

Union Pacific in Wyoming (99 pictures)

Union Pacific in the Midwest (58 pictures)

Union Pacific in California, Cima Sub (43 pictures)

Union Pacific in California, Mojave Sub (18 pictures/ 2 videos)

Union Pacific in California, Yuma Sub (15 pictures / 1 video)

Union Pacific in California, Cajon Pass (15 pictures)

Union Pacific other places (13 pictures)

Union Pacific in Colorado (7 pictures)

Union Pacific in Utah (6 pictures)


CSX in Ohio (51 pictures)

CSX in Georgia (32 pictures)

CSX in ChicagoLand (12 pictures)

CSX in Florida (10 pictures)

CSX in Indiana (9 pictures)
Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern:

Norfolk Southern in Pennsylvania (34 pictures/videos)

Norfolk Southern in Indiana (25 pictures/videos)

Norfolk Southern in Ohio (19 pictures)

Norfolk Southern in other places (6 pictures)
Other railroads

Other railroads (33 pictures/videos)
Canadian National, Illinois Central & Grand Trunk Western

Canadian National, Illinois Central & Grand Trunk Western (31 pictures)

Amtrak (26 pictures)

METRA (19 pictures)
Other railroads around Chicago

Other railroads around Chicago (18 pictures)
Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific (12 pictures)
New Mexico Railrunner

New Mexico Railrunner (7 pictures)
Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon Railway (6 pictures)
Locomotive guide

Guide to locomotives and trains
Paint Schemes

Paint schemes

Compared to Europe american trains are very big, a typical train weighs 6000 - 7000 t, is about 1 mile = 1.6 km long and consists of about 100 freight cars. Typically the train is hauled by 3-4 locomotives, but on steep grades the trains often have »helpers« in the end of the train.

On my first 2 trips I hadn't planned were to see trains. It was more "look, there's a train, pull over and take a few pictures". On my later trips my railroad adventures have been more planned; I have found descriptions of good railfanning locations on the internet. Visit, (Chicago), Railroad Crossings and Cajon Pass Group.

I have good experiences along the BNSF mainline through Arizona and the Mojave Desert in California and also Tehachapi og Cajon. Here you'll normally find lots of trains, sometimes up to a train in each direction every 10 minutes.

Also UPs Transcon through Nebraska and Wyoming has a lot of traffic, and in Chicago you'll find the railroad hot spot of the United States with mainlines, yards and junctions everywhere.

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